Covid 19 Policy

Phased Reopening Of Physiotherapy and Pilates

Following updated guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we are pleased to announce that we shall be able to offer ‘face to face’ consultations, where clinically appropriate and necessary.

We shall also continue to offer virtual consultations for patients and Pilates clients.

Any patients requesting a ‘face to face’ consultation will first receive a virtual screen from one of our team to assess clinical need and screen for any additional risk factors.

To make an appointment please call 02036451490 or email

The health, safety and well being of our patients and staff are as always paramount.

We have always maintained a very high standard of health, safety and hygiene at Reform Physio and since March 19th we have been preparing for the day we can re-open our clinic with even more robust procedures to ensure patients and staff can return to our space with absolute confidence.

We have completed and have ongoing thorough risk assessments for every aspect of our clinic environment and the patient journey to ensure we can provide the safest environment possible.

We have even teamed up with experts and are working with other clinics to ensure that our infection prevention and control measures along with PPE (personal protective equipment) not only complies with current guidelines and protocols, but also is the best we can reasonably provide to minimise any risk of transmission of COVID-19 during treatment sessions.

We will continue to quickly adapt to any changing policy to adhere to all guidelines set out by the government and Public Health England to keep you and us safe.

Therefore, we have put the following measures in place to minimise the risk to our staff, patients and to public health in accordance with the recommendations by Public Health England

Our 10 step plan for a gradual re-opening of our services:


This will not be ‘business as usual’

for a while but if needed we will be able to see you face to face for physiotherapy appointments where effective treatment cannot reasonably be carried out virtually – patients will receive a virtual or telephone screening pre-consultation, you will also be required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire/consent form prior to every session.



Although the clinic hasn’t been open since March 19th and it was deep cleaned after we closed and therefore no virus should have survived. We have still taken this opportunity to deep clean and sanitise all equipment and surfaces to give you peace of mind when come back to Reform. Alongside this we will continue with our regular professional cleaning on top of our ramped up decontamination schedule completed by the team throughout the day. We have also removed all superfluous items such as magazines to further limit the risk of infection.


All bookings

will be made online, or over the phone by our admin superstars along with all payments taken over the phone in advance. The admin team will now be in clinic behind a screen, but please note that we will try to reduce the amount of people in the reception area, so bookings may need to be made remotely.


All patients and staff

are advised not to attend our clinic if they are displaying any signs of Covid-19 or if they should be self-isolating under current government guidelines.


Reduction in footfall

Appointments will be spaced to not only allow for cleaning but also to allow any micro droplets in the air to settle before cleaning.

This will enable the clinician to have time to change PPE and clean all surfaces that have been touched by either the clinician or the patients with hospital approved sanitisers. This includes the plinths, seat handles, door handles, Gym equipment, taps and light switches of the treatment room and the toilet if it is used during the patients visit.


Minimising use of superfluous equipment

Towels and couch covers will not be used.

Pillow cases will be changed by the clinician between sessions.

Couch roll will be used as usual on the couch and pillows.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You will be expected to wear a face covering and your physiotherapist will be wearing the following PPE at your appointment. This complies with current government guidelines:

Non-latex gloves (single use)

Apron (single use)

IIR facemask (sessional use) or respirator mask (dependent on practitioners preference)

Visor (As applicable based on risk assessment)


Entrance point

On arrival at the clinic you will be required to have your temperature taken (temperature greater than 37.8c will be denied entry)

and be wearing a face covering before entering the building. You will be required to sanitise your hands and don PPE.

You will be provided a bag to put your PPE in / phone/ wallet/ handbag for the duration of your session. You will then be welcomed by your Physio.



During your session the door to the treatment room may be left open to maximise ventilation except for when they need to be closed for privacy.

We also have hospital grade air filtration systems in place in each treatment area. They have been proven to capture particles 10 times smaller than C19 and are 40 times more effective than a HEPA filter.

Our first goal is to get you out of pain and our promise is to support you in staying fit and healthy.


Our guarantee

to you is that these measures will not affect your standard of care

Our main priority is to make sure you all feel safe and can visit our clinic with the upmost confidence. We are committed to the highest levels of patient care and also transparency in how we operate and we will continue to keep you informed.

We know that you are disappointed that we closed and some of you wish we had stayed open, however, it is important to us that we do what we feel is correct with the information that we have at the time and in line with the guidance from our professional bodies, to keep us all safe and well.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our policies or your face to face or video consultations with us please do not hesitate to contact me Emma at

Thank you for bearing with us and for sticking by us, we really appreciate it and we are still all in this together!

Emma Law


Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates Limited

Ready To Get Started?

If you have any questions you can get in touch on 0203 645 1490 or If you would like to book a class or appointment then you can book online below!


Having felt very unfit due to lack of exercise I started with Emma some weeks ago to improve flexibility and strength and am loving getting my body moving more. Also I feel so secure and comfortable with the workout programme Emma chooses which is nicely challenging for my fitness level and makes me feel much better from week to week!! Just what I needed.


Since I started working with Emma Law my lifts have improved to the point where I am considering record attempts in my weight and age category, so Pilates works for powerlifting! Thanks Emma.


Emma was excellent in helping me get strong enough to ski again after a complicated knee fracture. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. She worked with me in the gym and tailor-made an exercise plan to work on. I am back enjoying skiing! Thanks Emma!.

Pippa Meares

Pilates sessions with Emma have completely changed the way I move! My posture has improved, i'm more toned and a recurrent back/neck problem has all but disappeared. I highly recommend Emma's excellent classes.

N. H

Three years ago, at the age of 57, I decided to take up Pilates to help my body to move more freely and I am so glad that I found Emma who has been an amazing teacher, fully understanding my limitations and successfully working with me to improve my flexibility, core strength and posture.

F. G

I initially sort treatment to manage severe chronic neck pain from Cervical spondylitis. I was also due for a knee replacement, both degenerative conditions. Emma is highly skilled in the precise attention to the details of rehabilitation. Her ability to focus intently on 3 clients with different health issues in the same session is constant. It is that energetic approach that has resulted in my ability to build strength and to retain overall function. My neck pain has reduced considerably and I was able to recover from the knee surgery rapidly.

P. A
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