“A refreshing approach to rehabilitation.”

I received excellent treatment from Nick who takes a refreshing approach to rehabilitation. Personable and perceptive, Nick focuses on empowering you to take control of your rehab in a way that is goal-focused, incremental and ultimately gives you the confidence to manage your self moving forward. Nick has an excellent manner and acts with an excellent mix of integrity, honesty and empathy.
— C.K.

“Totally transformative.”

My sessions with Nick were totally transformative – not only did he help massively reduce my pain and improve my shoulder strength, but he also taught me a lot about why I was in pain, where the issues were, how the shoulder works and how to look after it going forward. This knowledge was so valuable and worth every penny spent – I’m now back to lifting weights and sleeping comfortably and pain-free, after just two months. The customer service from the whole team is fantastic too, they’re so helpful and friendly. I would 100% recommend Reform to anyone!
— C.D.

“Personable and informative.”

Nick is an awesome physio. His approach to is really personable and informative. He doesn’t shy away from the detail so you get a full understanding of exactly what’s going on with your injury, which really helps you keep up with your rehab as you know why it’s so important. He’s built my confidence back up with my shoulder as well as it’s mobility. Couldn’t recommend him enough.
— K.S.

“The entire team is excellent.”

Reform Physio never fails to disappoint. Been there several times for sports massage and always come out feeling a whole lot better. The entire team is excellent. Can’t wait to return soon!

— S.A.

“An amazing teacher.”

Three years ago, at the age of 57, I decided to take up Pilates to help my body to move more freely and I am so glad that I found Emma who has been an amazing teacher, fully understanding my limitations and successfully working with me to improve my flexibility, core strength and posture.

— F.G.

“Just what I needed.”

Having felt very unfit due to lack of exercise I started with Emma some weeks ago to improve flexibility and strength and am loving getting my body moving more. Also I feel so secure and comfortable with the workout programme Emma chooses which is nicely challenging for my fitness level and makes me feel much better from week to week!! Just what I needed.
— C.D.

“Highly skilled.”

I initially sort treatment to manage severe chronic neck pain from Cervical spondylitis. I was also due for a knee replacement, both degenerative conditions. Emma is highly skilled in the precise attention to the details of rehabilitation. Her ability to focus intently on 3 clients with different health issues in the same session is constant. It is that energetic approach that has resulted in my ability to build strength and to retain overall function. My neck pain has reduced considerably and I was able to recover from the knee surgery rapidly.
— P.A.

“I highly recommend Emma’s excellent classes!”

Pilates sessions with Emma have completely changed the way I move! My posture has improved, i’m more toned and a recurrent back/neck problem has all but disappeared. I highly recommend Emma’s excellent classes.

— N.H.

“Highly skilled.”

Emma was excellent in helping me get strong enough to ski again after a complicated knee fracture. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. She worked with me in the gym and tailor-made an exercise plan to work on. I am back enjoying skiing! Thanks Emma!.
— Pippa Meares

“Pilates works”

Since I started working with Emma Law my lifts have improved to the point where I am considering record attempts in my weight and age category, so Pilates works for powerlifting!

Thanks Emma.

— H.M.

“I am making progress which I never envisaged would be possible”

I am a relatively new patient at Reform Physio and from the very beginning I found all the staff to be extremely helpful, accommodating and kind.

I was lucky enough to speak to Emma Law at the beginning of my treatment with Reform and she was so lovely to speak to and had an extremely nurturing approach. Emma gave me lots of great advice about the best way to progress with my specific health-related issues. Emma was very generous with her time and it helped me hugely towards feeling comfortable and confident with choosing the right specialist to help aid my post-operative recovery.

I am currently having sessions with Katy Megson who is an absolute delight. Katy has been so intuitive with me from our first session and I am making progress which I never envisaged would be possible.

Each session is tailored to your current needs and Katy has been extremely thoughtful in the exercises she has set for me, slowly increasing the difficulty levels when it feels right to. I am not only healing better from a complicated surgical procedure but hugely enjoying Pilates with Katy too which has transformed my exercise routine. I cannot imagine my days without Katy’s exercises now!

I am so grateful that I found Reform Physio as it continues to help my health problems and has allowed me to progress to levels that I did not think were possible when I embarked on this therapy.

Many thanks also to the lovely Office staff too who are always on hand – Hannah has been such a friendly lady to deal with and is so helpful and accommodating with finding the times that best suit you and your schedule. All the Staff at Reform are very diligent at checking that you are still happy with your treatment and they are always there if you need anything at all.

Well done to all at Reform Physio! Long may this beautiful practice continue to flourish.

– H.T.

“I’m now pain free”

I cannot recommend Robyn and Reform Physio enough! At the start of my physio journey I had a lot of pain, and after several sessions I’m now pain free and also have learnt a number of strategies that I can use myself to prevent or treat the pain in the future. Robyn was great at finding the crux of the problem, being incredibly supportive and treating me with both physio and Pilates-led exercises. Plus she’s lovely and I will miss seeing her on a regular basis!
— Z. H.

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