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Emma Law

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH83040 and Pilates Instructor – APPI

Emma graduated from The University of the West of England (UWE) with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2007. Since then she has worked consistently in private practice alongside NHS work in both Bristol and London.

Coming from a sports driven family, Emma developed a strong interest in exercise, rehabilitation and fitness. This led her to discover Pilates both as a practice and a passion, and as a result she has completed intensive programs to become a fully certified APPI Pilates instructor.

For Emma however, Pilates isn’t merely exercise, it’s a way of life and one she’s used to inspire clients ranging from Victoria’s Secret models, Bristol’s emergency services, and senior citizens. She believes Pilates can be adapted for all and her motivational technique ensures that the practice is never dull.

During her time in London working for both the NHS and private clinics, Emma has gained a variety of experience and was particularly interested in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and stroke, amputees, orthopaedics, post-operative rehab (with some hefty personal experience) and musculoskeletal conditions.

Amongst other courses she has taken a specialised interest in pre and post-natal Pilates and exercise rehabilitation in osteoporosis and scoliosis. Emma has also completed many post-grad courses including shoulder pathology, rehab and myofascial release. Early in her career she honed these skills extensively while working for an American football team.

Emma has a special interest in hypermobility, which she has herself, and has had excellent results in limiting pain and further injury with a combination of physiotherapy, education and Pilates.

When she is not working, Emma enjoys keeping fit with dance, yoga and being anywhere near the sea. To find out more about Emma and the way she works please read her blog.

Libby Woolgar

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH110249, AACP, Pilates Instructor – APPI

Libby is a senior physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Brighton, with years of experience treating a wide range of skeletal, muscle and joint related aches, pains and injuries.

Libby started her career in the NHS, where she initially specialised in the field of acute medicine/ respiratory physiotherapy. She spent a lot of time working on a Dementia ward and has a keen interest in older persons’ rehabilitation. During this time Libby also completed her Diploma in sports massage therapy.

Libby loves exercise, being outdoors and living an active lifestyle, as well as travelling and exploring new places. After working for the NHS, Libby decided to take her physiotherapy career to New Zealand in 2019, where she worked in Musculoskeletal private practice, treating patients within a clinic setting, running hydrotherapy classes and treating older persons in residential care homes. She also completed extra training in vestibular physiotherapy whilst in New Zealand.

Libby has since then worked across the private and public sector, back home in the UK, including working within a GP surgery as a First contact practitioner. Libby is additionally qualified in Acupuncture and Matwork Pilates, having done extra training alongside her recent work in private practice.
Libby is enthusiastic, full of energy and believes strongly in the power of guided exercise in helping each person to find an individualised way their bodies can move freely again, despite injury or pain.”

Libby Woolgar
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Anica Coetsee

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP HCPC – PH107938 and Pilates Instructor (APPI)

Anica graduated as a physiotherapist from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) in 2009. After graduating she focussed her career on Musculo-skeletal conditions and completed a Certificate in OMT (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) in 2012 and thereafter her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2015. She is also an APPI trained Pilates instructor.

She has worked in different private practice settings and has always embraced working closely with the healthcare team. She also worked with a University Rugby Club in South Africa.

Since becoming a mother in 2019 she has grown her interest in Pelvic Health and is expanding her skillset in this area.

She believes in treating clients holistically with the aim being getting to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. She believes movement and exercises are key factors in this and loves empowering her patients to improve quality of life and getting back to doing the things they love.

Kayla McClellan

Certified Pilates Instructor – Stott

Kayla McClellan is an international multidisciplinary artist and researcher from Florida. They received their BFA Dance degree from Florida State University (2017) and her MFA Dance Science degree from London’s Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (2019). 

Kayla joyously works within dance, theatre, film, and academia. As a choreographer/performer, Double Skin/Double Mind (DS/DM) instructor, and Pilates instructor, Kayla centres the physical and mental well-being of those who engage with their practices. 

Kayla ultimately desires to serve whatever community they reside in by connecting with individuals through her artistic practice and research.

Kayla McClellan
Vincent Merouze

Vincent Merouze

Certified Pilates Instructor – Stott

Trained in STOTT Reformer Pilates, Vincent has been working in the fitness industry for over 4years in London, with 10+years of being a Contemporary Commercial Dancer in Australia, New York & London.

You can expect to be challenged whilst having a great time in his classes.

He believes that Pilates is such a great source to strengthen and lengthen your body, it is also an opportunity to get creative and have fun!
If he had to describe his job; he would say “I help people connect with themselves, challenge their coordination, make them feel strong, and if I can make everyone laugh or smile at least once in class, I’ve done my job”

Sandra Kantorska

Certified Pilates Instructor – Stott Pilates

Sandra has developed her passion for Pilates after years of practising and seeing the positive results in her own body and outlook. She is fascinated with how Pilates can improve not only one’s physical but also mental wellbeing, as well as a lifelong activity to help us to live a more fulfilled life.

She is passionate about Pilates as well as teaching it. As a Stott certified instructor, she is currently undertaking the Polestar Rehab qualification as part of her continual development to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the discipline.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress of a client and why Sandra enjoys teaching a vast spectrum of clients, challenging them but always respecting their body and its range of abilities. Training with Sandra will never lack enthusiasm and positive energy!

I have developed my passion for pilates after years of practising and seeing the positive results in my own body and outlook. I am fascinated by how pilates can improve not only one’s physical but also mental aspect, as well as a lifelong activity to help us to live a more fulfilled life.

I am passionate about pilates and teaching it. As a Stott certified instructor I am currently undertaking the Polestar Rehab qualification as part of my continual development to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the discipline.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress of a client and why I enjoy teaching a vast spectrum of clients, challenging them but always respecting their body ranges. Training with me will never lack enthusiasm and positive energy!

Sandra Kantorska
Balham physio

Nick Guth

Clinical Supervisor
Chartered Physiotherapist

Nick brings experience from the public and private sector that enables him to assess, plan and manage the rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries.

Nick graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. During his time at university, he completed a qualification in sports strapping and taping. Whilst studying for his degree, Nick worked at Sheffield Wednesday F.C Academy as a student Physiotherapist learning sports-based assessments and rehabilitation.

Nick moved to London in 2018 to develop his clinical skills and experience in Physiotherapy. In addition to working at Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, Nick is a Specialist MSK Physiotherapist within the NHS. He is also a qualified in Acupuncture and is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP).

Prior to working in London, Nick worked in the Peak District, Derbyshire, where he worked in outpatient clinics, health centres and GP surgeries.

Nick is passionate about sports, fitness and well-being. He enjoys watching and playing a wide variety of competitive sports including rugby and football. In addition, he enjoys to travel; experiencing new cities, cultures and food.

Nick believes that everyone has the ability to improve and better themselves physically and mentally, which is key to enjoying life.

Karlene Stimpson

Clinical Supervisor
Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH96276 and Pilates Instructor (APPI)

Karlene graduated from the University of East Anglia with an MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) in 2011. Since then she has worked full-time as a physiotherapist across two busy NHS Trusts and taught Physio-led Pilates for the last 5 years.

Karlene is both APPI certified and trained and has a strong understanding of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning from her previous Physiology and Sports Science degree. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to optimise their sense of movement, daily function, and leisure/sporting performance and always strives to help clients develop their self-confidence and self-efficacy in managing both short and long-term pain conditions.

As a Team Leader within the NHS Karlene works on a daily basis with those with musculoskeletal pain, hypermobility, scoliosis, neurological conditions, polytrauma, elective surgeries, osteoporosis, and many more conditions, ensuring clients achieve their goals regardless of fitness level and exercise experience – and most importantly, ensuring they enjoy the process along the way!

Reform Physiotherapy Balham
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Naomi Day

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH136490 (APPI)

Naomi graduated from St Mary’s University with a first-class honours in Physiotherapy (BSc), following which she expanded her skill set by undertaking APPI Pilates instructor training. She is passionate about using Pilates to support clients in finding relief from pain, improving function, and discovering a deeper connection with their bodies’.

Having also trained as a yoga instructor, Naomi has a special interest in the “mind-body” connection, and the effect that mental health has on physical wellbeing. She has a particular clinical interest in chronic pain, and believes in practicing a holistic and compassionate approach with all clients. She firmly believes that movement is medicine and is committed to helping her clients to rediscover the joy of moving their bodies’.

Naomi originally joined the Reform team in 2019 as a Sports Massage Therapist after leaving her corporate job to pursue a career in health and wellbeing. Her experience at Reform ultimately led to her desire to further her education and become a physiotherapist. After taking a short break to focus on her studies, Naomi is delighted to back at Reform!

Victoria Stones

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC -PH126546

Victoria graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation.
She worked privately with a variety of clients ranging from athletes to the general public, before beginning a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

Victoria also worked in acute mental health facilities, and has a special interest in the psychological elements of injury and rehabilitation. Since graduating as a physio, she has worked in private practice, treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and post-operative cases. 

Made in Birmingham, but she has lived in London for 8 years. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She has the travel bug so loves to travel and be in or near the water. She dedicates time to going to the gym regularly, when she can fit it in, she also loves to run and practice yoga.

Victoria Stones

Phil McCusker

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH80882

Phil graduated from Salford University as a Physiotherapist in 2006. Following his graduation, Phil worked in Ireland for a private Physiotherapy clinic and alongside this worked with a local football club treating sports injuries and providing pitch side first aid.

His NHS career started working in Manchester Royal Infirmary gaining experience in various physiotherapy specialities before taking on a senior role in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Whilst developing his NHS career Phil also worked with the Cheshire and Irish Exile Rugby team providing physio treatment and pitch side assistance.

Phil moved to London in 2017 to continue his career. He has continued his role as a Specialist MSK Physiotherapist both within the NHS and private practice.

He is qualified in Acupuncture and uses this as an adjunct to Physiotherapy treatment. Phil is passionate about fitness and health and well-being. He’s a keen triathlete having just completed Ironman Ireland and enjoys competing in the UK and abroad.

Phil is also a very keen traveller having been almost 70 countries over 6 continents. Phil understands the importance of helping Patient’s reduce pain and injury through education and rehabilitation. He enjoys working with Patient’s to reduce future injury risk and achieve their personal goals to get back doing what they enjoy.

Dionne Appiah

Chartered Physiotherapist
MCSP, HCPC – PH123286 and Pilates Instructor – Polestar

Dionne has gained a First Class degree in BSc (hons) Sports Therapy and a Distinction in MSc (pre-registration) Physiotherapy.

Since then, she has had extensive experience working in two busy NHS London Trusts, rotating between a range of areas such as post-surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, oncology, haematology, respiratory, orthopaedics and elderly care.

Before training as a Physiotherapist, she was a contemporary dancer for over 10 years, having trained at The Place London. Alongside her dance training, Dionne has practised extensively in Pilates. She has completed APPI Matwork courses and has recently completed Polestar Comprehensive Equipment course. Dionne has also had experience treating elite athletes within a range of sports, including dance, netball and rugby.

She has a holistic approach to the management and treatment of injuries and strives to utilise evidence based research to help clients to reach and maintain their goals. Outside of work, you can find her in a yoga, Pilates or dance studio!

Yasemin Kececi

Yasemin Kececi

Certified Pilates Instructor – Balanced Body

Yasemin is a 12 years experienced Balanced Body Pilates teacher, NPI certified Posture Corrector and a PT who focuses on strength, balance, flexibility and good posture.

She has also given several workshops on the importance of a good posture on physical and mental health.

She helps people with back, neck, knee and shoulder problems; also guides them in their journey to lose / put on weight, become more flexible and correct their posture.

She is fun to work with and friendly.

Tom O’Hare

Level 3 Sports Massage,
L5 Soft Tissue Therapy

With a strength training background based in functional movement patterns Tom developed a focus on pain management and muscular balance with his soft tissue skills. 

Carrying an understanding that perfect posture and movement is second to pain free and personally strong he is able to adjust to client’s requirements and search mindfully for possible causes of discomfort.

He has lots of experience with desk workers, chronic pain, RSI and overuse issues as well as preventative/maintenance massage for those with busy lives.

Tom OHare
Dina Danias

Dina Danias

Chartered Senior Physiotherapist
CSP, HCPC – PH101990 and Pilates instructor APPI, STOTT.

Dina is a senior Physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Brighton, with 10 years of experience working in a wide variety of clinical specialties including; acute medicine, orthopaedics and stroke rehab within both private and public sector.

Dina’s passion for exercise and fitness drove her to complete her APPI Matwork Pilates qualification. After years of practising and seeing her own results using the reformer machine she wanted to further develop her skills, and is now trained in STOTT Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

Dina uses her vast level of experience to assist, motivate and guide each person to achieve their goals. She believes that through movement and exercise, she can support people to live the life they want.

Rachel Bolsworth

Certified Pilates Instructor
Qualified with ‘Move Your Frame’ which is affiliated with Active IQ.

Rachel is a Scottish born instructor and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology. Rachel then went on to attend the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and followed a lifelong dream to be a dancer. As a performer Rachel realised the importance of safe and supported movements for both personal and professional fulfilment. Rachel continues to work in the performing arts industry with Pilates being the cumulative expression of her passions around movement and the body. Having worked since 2018 in the fitness industry, Rachel has gained a wealth of experience in a number of boutique studios around London.

Rachel strongly believes that pilates is for all and to use it holistically to improve strength, mobility and mental wellness. You can expect lots of dynamic movements to target both the large and small muscles supporting the body. Rachel encourages all to cultivate the joy of movement so expect a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

When she’s not instructing Rachel enjoys walks around the countryside, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Rachel Bolsworth
Morgan Beale

Morgan Beale

Sports Rehabilitator / Massage Therapist

Morgan graduated from St. Mary’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Rehabilitation. Since then, he has furthered his studies with a Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning, utilising these skills to further under musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation.

Morgan started his career working in senior men’s and youth rugby. From here, he diversified into Aussie Rules Football in London, whilst the rugby season was over, and later into private practice.

Regardless of being on a rugby pitch or being in a clinic, he ensures clients are educated at all times about their current injury.

Originally from Bedfordshire, Morgan decided to stay in London, after completing his studies. He dedicates time to go to the gym regularly, with a keen interest in exercise-based rehabilitation, powerlifting and plyometrics.

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Having felt very unfit due to lack of exercise I started with Emma some weeks ago to improve flexibility and strength and am loving getting my body moving more. Also I feel so secure and comfortable with the workout programme Emma chooses which is nicely challenging for my fitness level and makes me feel much better from week to week!! Just what I needed.


Since I started working with Emma Law my lifts have improved to the point where I am considering record attempts in my weight and age category, so Pilates works for powerlifting! Thanks Emma.


Emma was excellent in helping me get strong enough to ski again after a complicated knee fracture. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. She worked with me in the gym and tailor-made an exercise plan to work on. I am back enjoying skiing! Thanks Emma!.

Pippa Meares

Pilates sessions with Emma have completely changed the way I move! My posture has improved, i'm more toned and a recurrent back/neck problem has all but disappeared. I highly recommend Emma's excellent classes.

N. H

Three years ago, at the age of 57, I decided to take up Pilates to help my body to move more freely and I am so glad that I found Emma who has been an amazing teacher, fully understanding my limitations and successfully working with me to improve my flexibility, core strength and posture.

F. G

I initially sort treatment to manage severe chronic neck pain from Cervical spondylitis. I was also due for a knee replacement, both degenerative conditions. Emma is highly skilled in the precise attention to the details of rehabilitation. Her ability to focus intently on 3 clients with different health issues in the same session is constant. It is that energetic approach that has resulted in my ability to build strength and to retain overall function. My neck pain has reduced considerably and I was able to recover from the knee surgery rapidly.

P. A
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