Emma Law

Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP,
HCPC – PH83040 and Pilates Instructor – APPI

Emma graduated from The University of the West of England (UWE) with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2007. Since then she has worked consistently in private practice alongside NHS work in both Bristol and London.

Coming from a sports driven family, Emma developed a strong interest in exercise, rehabilitation and fitness. This led her to discover Pilates both as a practice and a passion, and as a result she has completed intensive programs to become a fully certified APPI Pilates instructor.

For Emma however, Pilates isn’t merely exercise, it’s a way of life and one she’s used to inspire clients ranging from Victoria’s Secret models, Bristol’s emergency services, and senior citizens. She believes Pilates can be adapted for all and her motivational technique ensures that the practice is never dull.

During her time in London working for both the NHS and private clinics, Emma has gained a variety of experience and was particularly interested in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and stroke, amputees, orthopaedics, post-operative rehab (with some hefty personal experience) and musculoskeletal conditions.

Amongst other courses she has taken a specialised interest in pre and post-natal Pilates and exercise rehabilitation in osteoporosis and scoliosis. Emma has also completed many post-grad courses including shoulder pathology, rehab and myofascial release. Early in her career she honed these skills extensively while working for an American football team.

Emma has a special interest in hypermobility, which she has herself, and has had excellent results in limiting pain and further injury with a combination of physiotherapy, education and Pilates.

When she is not working, Emma enjoys keeping fit with dance, yoga and being anywhere near the sea. To find out more about Emma and the way she works please read her blog.

Robyn Boothroyd

Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP,
HCPC – PH98594 and Pilates Instructor – Polestar

Robyn graduated from the University of Nottingham as a Physiotherapist and has 10 years of clinical experience with a career that spans across Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

She is a certified Pilates for Rehabilitation practitioner which furthers her ethos of ‘let exercise be your medicine’. Her physio career began in a large public hospital in Singapore where she was exposed to a wide variety of acute, chronic and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. She then transitioned into the private sector to further pursue the use of Pilates in her rehab and to continue her passion of healing through movement.

Having always taken an active interest in sports and fitness Robyn appreciates the need for clients to be able to function at their peak and stay injury free. She believes Physio:Pilates to be an excellent pairing to assist anyone recovering from injury; or to further challenge their athletic ability. Coming from a background of physiology and kinesiology Robyn is able to combine a hands on approach of myofascial release or dry needling with the active benefits that Pilates exercise brings.

Nick Guth

Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP,
HCPC – PH107757, AACP

Nick brings experience from the public and private sector that enables him to assess, plan and manage the rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries.

Nick graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. During his time at university, he completed a qualification in sports strapping and taping. Whilst studying for his degree, Nick worked at Sheffield Wednesday F.C Academy as a student Physiotherapist learning sports-based assessments and rehabilitation.

Nick moved to London in 2018 to develop his clinical skills and experience in Physiotherapy. In addition to working at Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, Nick is a Specialist MSK Physiotherapist within the NHS. He is also a qualified in Acupuncture and is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP).

Prior to working in London, Nick worked in the Peak District, Derbyshire, where he worked in outpatient clinics, health centres and GP surgeries.

Nick is passionate about sports, fitness and well-being. He enjoys watching and playing a wide variety of competitive sports including rugby and football. In addition, he enjoys to travel; experiencing new cities, cultures and food.

Nick believes that everyone has the ability to improve and better themselves physically and mentally, which is key to enjoying life. 

Karlene Stimpson

Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP,
HCPC – PH96276 and Pilates Instructor (APPI)

Karlene graduated from the University of East Anglia with an MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) in 2011. Since then she has worked full-time as a physiotherapist across two busy NHS Trusts and taught Physio-led Pilates for the last 5 years.

Karlene is both APPI certified and trained and has a strong understanding of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning from her previous Physiology and Sports Science degree. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to optimise their sense of movement, daily function, and leisure/sporting performance and always strives to help clients develop their self-confidence and self-efficacy in managing both short and long-term pain conditions.

As a Team Leader within the NHS Karlene works on a daily basis with those with musculoskeletal pain, hypermobility, scoliosis, neurological conditions, polytrauma, elective surgeries, osteoporosis, and many more conditions, ensuring clients achieve their goals regardless of fitness level and exercise experience – and most importantly, ensuring they enjoy the process along the way!

Katy Megson

Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist – MCSP, HCPC – PH107281

Katy is a Specialist Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who provides expert treatment for women and men of all life stages with Pelvic floor muscle conditions such as incontinence, urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. Katy also has extensive experience working with women during the childbearing years and provides specialist assessment and treatment for pelvic girdle and low back pain during pregnancy as well as rehabilitation for abdominal diastasis (tummy seperation).

Katy graduated from King’s College London with a first class degree in Physiotherapy and since qualifying has worked at some of London’s leading teaching hospitals. As well as working full time in the NHS, Katy has experience working privately on Harley Street and at the Portland Hospital for Women and Children.

As a keen runner and Pilates lover Katy is passionate about working with you to develop an individualised rehabilitation programme which aims to fulfill your goals and keep you doing the things you love.

Anica Coetsee

Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC and Pilates Instructor (APPI)

Anica graduated as a physiotherapist from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) in 2009. After graduating she focussed her career on Musculo-skeletal conditions and completed a Certificate in OMT (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) in 2012 and thereafter her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2015. She is also an APPI trained Pilates instructor.

She has worked in different private practice settings and has always embraced working closely with the healthcare team. She also worked with a University Rugby Club in South Africa.

Since becoming a mother in 2019 she has grown her interest in Pelvic Health and is expanding her skillset in this area.

She believes in treating clients holistically with the aim being getting to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. She believes movement and exercises are key factors in this and loves empowering her patients to improve quality of life and getting back to doing the things they love.

Naomi Day

Sports Massage Therapist ITEC, MSMA

Naomi is a level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and has worked with clients from a range of backgrounds, from athletes and performers, to office workers. She aims to provide a truly personalised service, putting the needs and wellbeing of the client at the heart of the treatment.

Originally from Norfolk, but having lived in London for well over 10 years, Naomi has always been fascinated by the human body and how it works. Her journey into sports massage therapy has therefore been a logical progression, albeit along a varied path.

Naomi made the move to London in 2006 to pursue a degree in performing arts. Intensive training, and later a brief stint of professional work, in contemporary dance and physical theatre compounded her interest in physicality and movement. However, a career change resulting in many years spent at a desk, meant Naomi had to find new ways to channel her energy, and over the years has taken up triathlon, yoga, Pilates, aerial hoop, bouldering and still sometimes manages to fit in the odd dance class.

Recognising that her passion lies in movement (whether that be dance or distance running), Naomi took the decision to train as a sports massage therapist at St Mary’s University and now uses her varied knowledge to help keep others moving well.

MaySze Chang

– Certified Pilates Instructor (Polestar, BASI)

Don’t be taken back by the look of her name. MaySze is ‘Maisy’ with the Zing, which is just like her life which is filled up with zings.

She is a qualified Pilates instructor on the full comprehensive equipment with a wide range of nursing background from midwifery to neonatal intensive care. With this nursing background, she is also certified in pre and postnatal Pilates.

Alongside this, she is also a classically trained ballet dancer and an avid runner with 7 marathons under her belt. This zingy life has unearthed different injuries that led her to Pilates over 10 years ago. Through Pilates, she discovered movement is not only limited in performance but also brings healing and restoration.

MaySze constantly brings her nursing and caring side into her Pilates sessions. She is a keen listener, not only to the individuals but also to their very own bodies. She believes that everyone has an amazing body with lots of potential and zings to discover and Pilates is a perfect platform to listen and explore it. She constantly finds joy and excitement when she is taking on a journey to help individuals to find their little zings in their movement and subsequently life.

Silvia Caponera

Certified Pilates Instructor (BASI)

Silvia is a Pilates instructor and is certified on the full comprehensive equipment. Her technique helps to restore body awareness by performing small, precise and highly effective movements.

Silvia teaches Pilates as a universal language to maintain a strong brain to muscle communication for every stage of life. Therefore during her sessions expect your body to be more ‘talkative’ than it ever was before and be ready to listen to what it has to say!

She will support you to stay aware, move safely and efficiently.

Silvia is profoundly amazed by human nature and movement and therefore her interest has developed in various disciplines including classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training among others. This has taught her how essential Pilates can be for any type of mover in order to strengthen their body awareness and discover their full potential.

Georgia Knott

Pilates Instructor (Polestar)

Georgia is a qualified Pilates Instructor, teaching Mat, Reformer and Equipment Pilates as well as a special interest in pre and post natal exercise. Her training has been in classical Pilates and she is always eager to learn more about her profession, actively participating in extra courses to further her knowledge whenever she can.

While living in Sydney and working in a fast paced, stressful industry Georgia discovered and fell in love with Pilates. It was here that she trained to be a Pilates Instructor before returning home in 2019 to teach in London.

Georgia worked in a stressful, fast paced industry for 10 years before discovering Pilates. She loves that her passion is also now her job and loves that she is able to help people daily.

Georgia is extremely passionate about Pilates and believes that it’s something that everyone can benefit from, no matter your age, fitness level or motivation.

Melda Gursoy

Pilates Instructor (STOTT)

Melda is a former professional basketball player.

Her path crossed with Pilates when she got an unfortunate knee injury 10 years ago. Pilates immediately became her life. She is Balanced Body, STOTT trained and she previously managed her own studio with gymnastics federation approval for 3 years in Istanbul. She is also a post-treatment rehabilitation trainer.

Melda firmly believes Pilates is the most effective exercise for posture, well-being and body shape.

Tisha Binot

Pilates Instructor (STOTT)

Tisha first discovered Pilates 16 years ago, during her career as a dancer. At the time it helped her to enhance her performance massively, as well as to manage injuries and recover from them.

But it was when she was faced with a serious car accident that she became aware of how much Pilates can be beneficial to our health. The tools she had developed and perfected over the years allowed her to achieve an almost full recovery, looking at her today you could never tell that she suffered such serious injuries.

Tisha is passionate about understanding the human body better, and developing personalised and creative solutions to help people overcome their own injuries or reach their full potential as an athlete. She believes that at the core of every success story is the relationship we develop with our bodies, and the understanding we gain and give our bodies. As such, she always aims to teach people the tools they need to take ownership of the process and develop lifelong skills to move better and feel better.

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Emma was excellent in helping me get strong enough to ski again after a complicated knee fracture. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. She worked with me in the gym and tailor-made an exercise plan to work on. I am back enjoying skiing! Thanks Emma!.

Pippa Meares

Pilates sessions with Emma have completely changed the way I move! My posture has improved, i'm more toned and a recurrent back/neck problem has all but disappeared. I highly recommend Emma's excellent classes.

N. H

Since I started working with Emma Law my lifts have improved to the point where I am considering record attempts in my weight and age category, so Pilates works for powerlifting! Thanks Emma.

H. M

Having felt very unfit due to lack of exercise I started with Emma some weeks ago to improve flexibility and strength and am loving getting my body moving more. Also I feel so secure and comfortable with the workout programme Emma chooses which is nicely challenging for my fitness level and makes me feel much better from week to week!! Just what I needed.

C. D

Three years ago, at the age of 57, I decided to take up Pilates to help my body to move more freely and I am so glad that I found Emma who has been an amazing teacher, fully understanding my limitations and successfully working with me to improve my flexibility, core strength and posture.

F. G

I initially sort treatment to manage severe chronic neck pain from Cervical spondylitis. I was also due for a knee replacement, both degenerative conditions. Emma is highly skilled in the precise attention to the details of rehabilitation. Her ability to focus intently on 3 clients with different health issues in the same session is constant. It is that energetic approach that has resulted in my ability to build strength and to retain overall function. My neck pain has reduced considerably and I was able to recover from the knee surgery rapidly.

P. A

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